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Choosing The Right Candle

Choosing the right candle

The first thing you’ve got to ask yourself is ‘what type of candle do I prefer’? The market is flooded with soy wax, coconut wax, beeswax, palm, paraffin and blends of different waxes. This information is usually stated on the packaging. Under current law, there is no requirement to list the ingredients or the percentages used.

Each wax has its pros and cons. If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly option then soy wax , coconut wax or even beeswax is your go to unless you’re vegan of course!

The second most important thing is the fragrance. By this I mean the quality and its possible health risks. Always ensure that the fragrance is phthalate free. So what are phthalates? Well they’re chemical compounds that have widespread use in plastics, household cleaners, personal care products and food packaging. Many synthetic fragrances contain phthalates. Research has shown that phthalates can affect the endocrine system creating fertility issues, genital birth defects, increase the risk of asthma and ADHD. Yes it’s very scary so do your research. Check the brand’s website because this is not always clearly marked.

Lead free cotton wicks and reusable jars is another important aspect.

As a candle enthusiast, it’s easy to get carried away with the packaging, scent or a brand name. Remember most candles are lit in the family home with young children and so it’s imperative to be aware.

Florence + Myrtle use phthalate free fragrances. Check out our range here.

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