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We’re celebrating the uniqueness of each dad by giving you the option to customise your gift pack. Choose from botanically inspired skincare and candles.

We have soaps for dad’s who like to fish or get their hands dirty. Our Tradie bar soap with coffee grounds is perfect for removing dirt, grease and odours. For dad’s who workout regularly choose our Activated Charcoal Detox Facial Bar which helps draw toxins from the skin especially after a good sweat sesh at the gym or sporting ground. Magnesium Oil helps with cramps and muscular aches.

Our new Chai soap is perfect for dads who love a warm spicy drink. For dad’s who like to relax at the end of a  hard day try our Chamomile Wellness Bath Soak with magnesium sulfate, Australian black clay, chamomile and lavender.

  • Luxury Wellness Pack

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