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me with kids May 2016

Handmade In Australia

Hi there! I’m Maria, a mum of two. I started Florence + Myrtle in 2014 because I saw a need for handmade natural products with sustainable ingredients. With a background in science, I turned my attention to skincare after my daughter was born. Like all parents, I wanted the best for my kids and her eczema prompted me to research and investigate different ingredients and its effects on our body. I collected and collated information and eventually formulated recipes over a two year period.

I tried existing products on the market, went to Baby expos to see what was available and found very little.  My love of learning helped me gain new skills while being a stay at home mum.  I created small batches of products which fed my creative side whilst seeing the benefits first hand of using non chemical skincare. My father had terrible eczema and my soaps helped keep it under control.

Once I had my recipes I took my products to market. With just under twelve months of attending boutique markets, I decided to approach retailers. One of my first retailers encouraged me to do a tradefair. I applied two weeks before the event and got in. I was so naive but boy was it a great learning experience!

More recently I’ve had the opportunity to work with occupational therapists. Products like our bath bombs provide sensory stimulus to kids who find bath time stressful. Using calming techniques like lighting a candle, having a bath as opposed to a shower provides some relief to help manage sensory sensitivities.

Running a business and a household with two kids is a constant juggling act. Fortunately my kids enjoy testing my products and at times help with packaging and labelling (bribery of course always helps!). We are a local family run business with a passion for what we do.

Eco-conscious skincare

Florence + Myrtle is a vegan brand of eco-conscious skincare, fragrances and homewares. The name derives from paternal grandparents on both sides who passed on their love of aromatherapy and natural wellbeing. A deep love of the Australian bush and global wanderings formed the foundation for the products and its ethos.

Our products are made using natural local ingredients that are good for you and the environment. Organic Australian botanicals, pure therapeutic grade essential oils and Aussie clays are used to enrich and moisturise as well as provide for a full sensory experience.

Ethical & Sustainable

We create the products ourselves ensuring ethical work practices and an understanding of the alchemy of each ingredient. We purchase many of our ingredients directly from the producer and source others through co-ops and fair trade. Our products are grey water safe and we try to minimise our environmental footprint by using as much local produce as possible. We are palm free, GMO free, paraben and SLS free. We use Australian made cocosoy wax, premium phthalate free fragrances and cotton wicks in all our candles. Our skincare is manufactured in small batches locally using cruelty free and vegan ingredients.


Our new range of homewares includes cotton throws and towels. These are handloomed on traditional Turkish wooden looms by artisans. Each tassel is tied by hand. This centuries old tradition is maintained today and we have brought you these beautiful soft towels that are so versatile they can be used as a beach wrap, picnic rug or a throw over your favourite armchair.

Wherever you travel, I hope you take a piece of Florence + Myrtle with you.



Our products are not meant to diagnose, heal or cure. Always check ingredients for any allergies.

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