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What Gives Soap Durability And Longevity?

What gives soap durability and longevity?

I’m often asked this question and, as someone who started soapmaking in my kitchen nearly 8 years ago, it was a tried and tested process. Soapmaking isn’t just an art it’s also about chemistry. It took me the first 12 months to develop and experiment with different formulas before I found one that I truly was satisfied with. I still use the same formula today!

So what makes our soaps different? Yes we’re palm oil free, but we also use a combination of hard butters and soft oils. Soaps can be made with any oil really. If you’ve seen the cult classic Fight Club you know what I mean.  In centuries past, tallow was used for its hardness. Today, tallow has been replaced with palm oil. If you’re reading this then you know, that many species have lost their habitat because of the deforestation and farming of palm oil. The price and the fact that they’re grown in developing countries makes it more appealing.

We love using olive oil in our soaps. This contributes to mildness which means a gentler bar of soap. So why not make a 100% olive oil soap? For one, olive oil soaps take a long time to cure. We’re talking 12 months or more! And then there’s the sliminess (a bit like snot) and the lack of bubbles. This is why you will often find many olive oil soaps mixed with other oils.

We like to use coconut oil in our soaps – not only because it’s a great conditioner, but also because it makes lots of bubbles!  Luxurious organic shea butter and cacao butter, forms the hard oils in our recipe. This adds to the rich lather and conditioning properties of our soap. If you haven’t tried it, give our soap a go. It’s the combination of all these ingredients (sustainably sourced), plus more that makes our soap so wonderful to use.

So forget the plastic bottles and enjoy skincare that’s not only good for you, but good for the environment too!

Photo credit: Lyn McCreanor

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